About Us

Tocco Leggero

Tocco Leggero is a brand of JAYTINE CORPORATION, TX. Meaning "soft touch", Tocco Leggero offers a variety of bedding options that combine softness with style. All of our products are made with 100% long-thread, woven cotton for an unparalleled smooth feel. Our designs are hand-crafted and offer something for every preference and palette.

At Tocco Leggero we are striving for Cotton awareness among not only our consumers but also in society. So, We believe in transparency of Cotton classification by its fiber length/color/strength and the products made by it. 

To achieve this goal, we have classified our cotton products in 4 major tags as follow:-

 Green   green.jpg   Organic Long Staple Cotton - 300 Thread Count
 Blue  blue.jpg   Long Staple Cotton - 300 Thread Count
 Silver  silver.jpg   Extra Long Staple - 300 Thread Count, Digital Printing
 Gold  gold.jpg   Extra Long Staple 500 to 700 Thread Count, Digital Printing

All of Products are Single Ply.

Some best types of cotton in our store from the world:-

 Cotton Name  Region   Fiber Length  
 Supima  California, USA         2 Inches              
 Giza 45, Giza 88        Egypt  1.6 Inches
 Upland Cotton  Carolinas, USA   1.3 Inches
 Sarkar  India  1.3 Inches





We Insure the fine quality of sheets by monitoring each step of process from Farm to Weave and from Printing to Packing.