Fabric Guide

Tocco Leggero sheets are made of fine long-staple cotton, combed and dyed in accordance to Oeko-Tex Standard.



Most Popular and commonly used weaves for Cotton Bed sheets are Percale and Sateen. It refers to the construction of sheet.


This construction type gives Luxurious look to sheets and feels like silk to skin. The wrap threads (length wise) are Knit with filling threads (horizontal). It is a multiple thread over and under structure. The result is smooth and slippery faced fabric.



Is a Plain Weave Fabric. In this structure wrap thread (length wise) and weft threads (horizontal) cross each other one at time, making it a 1:1 thread structure. Because of this pattern these sheet are powdery texture and finish.

Thread Count

Refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. High thread count as 300 thread count and 500 thread count indicate stronger & finer qualtiy.


Single Ply Yarn V/S Multi-Ply Yarn

We exclusively use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads. It can only be spun from long-staple cotton, and results in light, soft, yet extremely long-lasting sheets. Multi-ply yarns are a group of weaker fibers twisted together to create a false strength. They use mostly lower-grade, shorter-staple cottons, which result in thicker, coarser and heavier threads.