Quality of Sleep and Cotton

Posted by Tocco Leggero on Jan 20th 2021

Human Body Temperature changes throughout the night. When we begin to fall asleep our body temperature naturally begins to decrease few degrees (1 to 3 degrees) of normal temperature when we are awake. Even a slight increase in heat can make sleep at night harder to achieve.

Our body temperature decreases while asleep, so it can preserve energy to regulate core temperature (vital organs) which are controlled by brain and shell temperature (skin and muscles) which is affected by external temperature. Core of our body preserve or release heat through shell (skin). For that we need to make sure that the fabric that we use during sleep is breathable and doesn’t trap heat.

Brilliantly, Cotton will absorb the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool. As well as keeping you cool in the summer, cotton sheets will keep you warm throughout winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat.

To Attain Better Quality of sleep we should ditch Man made materials such as Polyester (Most chemical fibers such as polyester come from plastic), as it absorbs your body heat rather than ventilating, so the polyester sheet will retain heat and you will struggle to cool down.

Sleep hygiene is a series of practices and routines that help your body and mind prepare for sleep each night allowing you to get to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Choosing Cotton sheets will help you improve quality of your sleep. It is important to know the quality of cotton and type of weaves to choose from. 

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